Top 3 tips for the final few weeks preparation – Guest Blog by Impact Physio

Published on January 8th, 2019

With the holiday season over and Cyclone24 Derby just over a month away, the training needs to gear up and the physical conditioning continue to pedal on.

Here are Impact Physiotherapy’s top 3 tips for the final few weeks preparation:

1. Stretch/roll out after training
Stretching is an integral part of any training session. Studies have shown that stretching and or using a roller significantly decreases the risk of bothersome soreness – improving recovery which will result in more beneficial future training sessions. Stretches don’t need to be held for longer than 30 seconds, so shouldn’t take up too much of your valuable time.

Rolling out each major muscle group for 1-2 minutes helps reduce muscle soreness

2. Monitor your sodium intake before, during and after training
Sodium is a vital mineral for the body that assists to regulate water balance, and plays an important role in controlling nerve and muscle function. Sodium is lost through sweat so in endurance events large volumes of sodium can be lost, which can result in muscle cramps and exhaustion.
Replenishing sodium stores can be done by having energy drinks, bread and salted snacks (e.g. pretzels, rice cakes).

3. Do not forget about your core!
Hours and hours are spent sat in the saddle training the legs, but a strong and stable core is just as important. Strong oblique’s and abdominal muscles improve cycling efficiency by reducing side-to-side movement, which ultimately takes away invaluable power from the legs.
A 10-15 minute core programme including sits ups, oblique’s twists, planks and dead bugs will really improve a person’s core.

Weighted oblique twists are a great exercise to help improve core strength and stability.


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